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Dark Red Room

Welcome, Red Room Connoisseur/Connoisseuse!

ALERT: We have been made aware of a copy of this site, residing on https://bloodredvagb4vky.onion.to/ and https://222222222kjhiqzb.onion.to/ Please note that this clone is a fraudulent imitation, designed solely to steal your money!

You have seen them all before: the bullshit rip-off "red rooms" designed by conmen, frauds and fakes, whose only intention is to separate you from your bitcoin.

But today, you have finally reached the darknet's one and only real Red Room.

Very soon, we will bring our "roomie" into this red room, and even though she has at this time not the first idea yet of what is going to happen to her, she will be tortured, and then she will die.

And You Could Be A Spectator!

Needless to say, this event will not be streamed on TOR, because TOR is not capable of streaming live to a large audience in 1080P, which is the minimum screen resolution required to fully appreciate death and dying§.

Instead we will be streaming this astounding event on Mariana's Web, to which you will be given exclusive access thanks to a one-off secret deal with a well-known MoD contractor, who wishes to remain anonymous. High-fidelity sound will also be included in this stream.

Take Part In This Once-in-a-Lifetime Experience

To be present at this incredible, never to be repeated event, you need to pay BTC 10. Yes, you read that right: for a mere BTC 10, you can be there, and enjoy the spectacle of the bloody torture and inexorable death of a pretty young woman! Her being led into the room will be the first inkling she has that something is amiss, and you will already be in your front row seat.

This memorable event will last approximately one hour, and will begin at 00:00 UTC, on Saturday April 23.

Applications for entry to this event are now closed. Our next event will be held June 25.

Applications for entry to the June 25th event are now closed. Application is however now open for the next event which will be on August 20th.>

Applications for entry to the August 20th event are now closed. Application is however now open for the next event which will be on October 22nd.

Entry to the October 22nd event is now closed. Applications are welcomed for the next event which will be on December 17th. An early Christmas treat!

The first 2017 room will be held on the 25th of February, as always starting 00:00 UTC. Get in there!

We will be having another event on June 24th, yet again commencing 00:00 UTC. Welcome to all presenting the code.

Since we had technical problems preventing the event in April, all codes issued for this will be valid in June. If you would prefer to attend a room later in the year instead, please get in touch.

Pro Rata Viewing

If you are unable or unwilling to deposit BTC 10, you can send any other amount. Your viewing time will be restricted in accordance. Of course we recommend that you stay til the bitter end!


In the first instance, visit this page, indicating your computer's Operating System and an email address at which you can be reached. If you are asked for payment at this point, you are being phished! Please check the URL! If you have previously applied to partake, but not been responded to, you have failed our security checks. Please enhance your operational security before applying again.

You will receive a reply containing a unique bitcoin wallet address, to which you will send BTC 10, or any other amount as explained above.

After your payment has been finalised, you will receive the personalised software required to access the Red Room Server. Please make sure you indicate the correct Operating System in your email, as you will only be sent this software once. After you install this program, a countdown timer will appear, indicating when the streaming will begin.

When the program starts, it will allow your computer to acquire a class E IP address in our subnet and thus become a node on our private local net, which functions as a low-latency overlay through Mariana's Web. This will shield the data stream from any kind of inspection.

Once the streaming completes, this software will automatically remove itself from you computer, deleting every last trace of itself.

Approximately 24 hours before the start of the stream, you will receive another email alerting you to this fact. After this time, you will no longer be able to contact us.

We promise you an unforgettable experience!


One of the guests to our April 23 event, whose demand to remain anomymous we gladly submit to, has graciously agreed for the following review to be published here.

"The girl was led into the room with a blindfold on. I think she must have been told to expect something good, because she was smiling and giggling. When the blindfold came off, she observed her surroundings, and when she noticed the power tools on the workbench next to the gynecologist's chair, her smile disappeared. When the one of the masked men grabbed her and dragged her to the chair, she became more or less hysterical. I have to admit to having my hand over my eyes for the most part after that, but her screaming did not really stop until about three quarters of an hour later. By the way, don't let that put you off, the audio in the stream never did sound distorted. The video was very high resolution and didn't buffer at any time. Also, I noticed there was plenty of evidence to reassure the viewer that it was live and not prerecorded: in the background were a clock, some current newspapers, a screen showing a live news feed, and so on. It was like you said, pretty well unforgettable. I'm also just going to throw this out here: there weren't any clowns present. Anyway, thanks for letting me have a discount on the next event in return for me writing this review."

§ or murder plain and simple, if that's more your thing