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~14.5 random links, pick one,
and let's see if YOU end up bored to tears
…or worse … with fatal ennui. Don't dare? then… NutSec
…O.P. Security Education, Government Related Free Public Lethargy Service.

Better srslyBored Than Taking Heart Medication for a Flutter your Doctor doesn't like the Sound of.

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① Guide to I2P services - Version 1
② The Tor Guide for Hidden Services V. 4.0
③ the Hidden Wiki 2013/12/30
④ deep.Web: List of Hidden Marketplaces
(both .onion & .i2p)
[Last update: ??.??.??]
+++ Pastebin
deep web news
some godforsaken link here
the Hidden Wiki (dtt6td...)
Yet another Tor list
onion links
biggest onionlist @CTRL+V