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Latest Exit Scam

templatemo Another One Succumbs
Deep Web drug market PillFjord has shut up shop, taking buyers' and sellers' bitcoin deposits along with it. Speculation was rife for several days after the site...

Vulnerability Leaves Users Vulnerable

templatemo Insecurity in Protocol
Security researchers NutSec have identified another vulnerability, hot on the heels of their previous disclosure. This time the risk of deobfuscation of Tor users is...


image Bitcoin Value Reaches New High
Not since the last time it did this, has the value of Bitcoin been at this level. Analysts predict it may drop, and then go back up in the future. It is then likely to reach an even higher level, before falling again in response to dodgy doings at an exchange, or a massive exit scam.
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image Another Bad Decision Has Been Made by Judge
The case is winding its way to the Supreme Court, but in the mean time yet another Judge has not understood the first thing about the Deep Web. This could have major ramifications for the future, and even affect users of the shallow, brightly lit web.
  • Read the full judgement
  • Read NutSec security expert's expert opinion

Cyber Security

image Virus Found in Dark Web
A virus has been found in the wild. The virus was hiding within the code of a dark web site, ready to pounce on any unsuspecting browser. Whilst probably not quite at the State adversarial level, the virus is sufficiently strong to wrestle down the mediocre anti-virals sported by many Windows users.
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Druggy Life Style

image Markets
Following the closure of the Satin Street Market, and the demise of PillFjord, it can be said that there have been quite a few shakes and moves in the list of Darknet markets. We have an updated list for you to consider.
  • What this means for run of the mill drug-users
  • Why Not Get a New VPN? You must be bored with the old one by now
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