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Mitxel Euskadi Mafia

Welcome to Torminator, the anonymous hitman service provided by Mitxel Euskadi Mafia.

It usually is very disappointing to find that, despite being wished dead on innumerable occasions, certain tiresome people are still alive.

  • • Are you being stalked our hounded in some way by a former partner who is now surplus to requirements?
  • • Have you been deceived by a business partner whom you had originally judged as trustworthy?
  • • Are you waiting for an inheritance, but are starting to wonder whether the baby-boomer generation may actually end up outliving you?
  • • Are you trying to further yourself in the world, but find someone standing in your path, holding you back?

These are just some examples of reasons previously given to us by our customers. There can be many reasons for wishing someone to die. It is likely that you will know another one.

What you probably did not know, is just how affordable it can be to have the undesired person removed.

Who Are We?

Mitxel Euskadi Mafia has been in the business of contract killing since time immemorial. During the past century alone, we have helped thousands of our customers achieve their goals in respect of the annihilation of opponents and irritants. We would be very happy to add you to our ever-growing customer list.

Originally operating solely in the geographic area of the Basque Country, we have grown to have established ties and offshoots on almost every continent, and we can truthfully boast that we have completed operations on every continent since the successful completion of a hit in 1980 on a scientist stationed in Antarctica!

Browse our site at your leisure to find out more!